Meet Us

Passion. Energy. Commitment. More than your stereotypical accountant.



If it’s even slightly edible, Tom’s eaten it

Questionable food connoisseur, with the metabolism of a hyper-active child, Tom manages to move at a million miles an hour towards fun and success, while oozing a cool, calm, collected nature.

With plenty of brains above his shoulders and more drive than a supercharged mustang, Tom’s going places and it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Tom has built a wealth of knowledge around the best in’s and out’s of property dealings and has a keen eye for promising start-up businesses.

Like building a great sandwich, Tom also knows how best to structure ventures to extract maximum returns while minimising risk exposure.

Away from the desk, hockey, tennis, squash and, as mentioned above, anything that can be consumed, dominate this man’s life.

M: 027 370 2319
P: 04 889 2975



You could plug into the energy this fella puts out

Never in one place very long, but leaving a lasting impression everywhere he goes, this Feilding lad is full of beans and always up for a challenge.

When he’s not 100 mile an hour swimming, cycling, running, or another crazy adventure, Cameron is injecting life to accounting.

With energy and enthusiasm to burn, Cameron is constantly looking for efficiency gains and value-add opportunities for clients.

A knack for problem solving and a mind that’s forever challenging the status quo; Cameron couples his good-old-fashioned kiwi ethics with the latest technology advances to deliver an experience like no other.

Success breeds success, so set yourself up an opportunity to plug into this fella’s enthusiasm and expertise.

M: 027 366 2272
P: 04 889 2975 




Walking talking sunshine
Client Advisor

Harri, as you’ll soon know her, is always sporting a smile to light up the day.

This outgoing young leader has a vast knowledge of everything payroll and her passion for understanding the bigger picture means she offers holistic advice with no missing pieces.

As if this wasn’t enough, we’re sure she’s capable of eating Wellington out of fruit. Hailing from Auckland, but a local these days, Harri is well networked and keen to get involved in everything!

M: 021 264 0983
P: 04 889 2975 



A good keen man
Senior Accountant

The young fella from the far north, Mackenzie is your practical kiwi bloke.

Mackenzie is a switched-on campaigner with an eye for detail that sees right to the heart of what makes businesses tick. Mackenzie’s systematic and analytical approach supported by the latest technology quickly projects clarity on what exactly is going on.

While not out hunting or playing football, Mackenzie is likely enjoying a couple of quiets he’s brewed himself.

M: 021 064 5708
P: 04 889 2975



Our sharp shooter
Senior Accountant

Initially an auditor, before coming to her senses and moving to more exciting offerings of accounting, she’s a meticulous knowledge-base.

Louise’s conservative approach, grounded by strong ethics and a solid grasp on ever-changing rules and regulations, delivers reassuring advice to clients.

With a passion for travel and well graffiti-ed passport, she’s our good-looking version of Encyclopedia Britannica.

M: 021 806 009
P: 04 889 2975


South Islander.

Hailing from the land of great southern men, this three star fella has a bloody good head on his shoulders.

If his TAB account is a reflection of his skills with numbers, odds are, this guy is talented.

Speights and TAB aside, Gus is developing into a fine young Chartered Accountant. His methodical approach to learning and considered challenge to norms means he innovates for efficiency and consistency.

M: 027 777 7807
P: 04 889 2975 




Tech Whizz

The five-foot-and-change cool campaigner.

Give Jan a spreadsheet and his shortcut keys will leave you in awe, seriously. Jan is a family man with a big heart and driving ambition.

Outside the office his passions extend to beer, bikes (of the push kind) and trying anything new, at least once.



A bouquet of enthusiasm

Popping in and out during the working week, Daisy is the master of our administration.

When not refining our internal processes and keeping us all on our toes, she’s acing an accounting and marketing degree at Victoria University. Word is she’s also a bit of an ace at tennis, which will come in handy at business house!

Daisy has a bright future ahead and we love having her on the team.

P: 04 889 2975 



The everything chewer

The office whippet who excels at napping and getting stuck into anything that’s chewable, especially the things that aren’t!

Showing great potential in client relations with an increasingly impressive repertoire of smooth moves.


If you’re enthusiastic, have an interest in business and are keen to succeed and inspire others; we could be a good match!

Spice up your day and get on board the Outside buzz – get in touch below to kick things off.