27 Mar 2018

Time To Knock Off

I’ts time to knock off, one for the long weekend, and two because it’s the end of the financial year!

The 2018 financial year wraps up on Saturday and next week we’ll all be walking back into a new year to tackle new opportunities, likely with a guts full of Easter eggs.

Few quick points before you hang up the pencil today:

ONE. If there was ever a time to have your Xero reconciled up to date, it’s probably now – please have your Xero account reconciled for the year by Friday the 6th, just so we can sort out a few bits and bobs for you.

TWO. If you’ve got any bad debtors currently, (these are bad buggers who owe you money but simply aren’t willing to pay up); now is the time to write these off to ensure they’re included in the 2018 year. You can do this in Xero by adding credit notes to these invoices and changing the account type to ‘Bad Debts’. Give us a shout if you get stuck.

THREE. The end of the 2018 year means 2017 terminal tax is due next week. We’re sending out reminders today if, as per your 2017 tax return, you we’re required to pay anything on the 7th of April.

FOUR. A new year means our compliance work starts all over again. We’ll be sending out an email to get the usual information from you early next week. It would be fantastic if you could set aside a few minutes to complete and fire this back to us next month.
Four is enough points for today so that’ll do! From all of us here, we hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Talk soon,
Your Outside team, and Ruby