29 May 2017

May-be time to reconcile There’s a good reason we’re accountants, not comedians, as highlighted by the ‘punny’ heading above. That said, as the title eludes, it is indeed time… Read More »

28 Feb 2017

Last chance! March is the last chance dash to one-up your performance from last financial year. What are you doing about it? In other, relatively boring, news for you;… Read More »

16 Jan 2017

2017 is upon us and already there’s only 11/12th’s left in the calendar year. Have you got off to a good start? Perhaps more importantly, have you set a… Read More »

18 Dec 2016

Congratulations, you made it! Yep, it’s Merry Christmas and happy holidays all over again – and you’ve made it! Hopefully you get a break over the next few weeks… Read More »

30 Nov 2016

Silly season starts tomorrow! Tomorrow kicks off December and so the silly season hits with full force – go on, get excited! We hope you managed to get through… Read More »

31 Oct 2016

Happy Hump-day! Would you believe it’s November?! The race that stops a nation, the Melbourne Cup went down yesterday and as your advisers, you’ll be delighted to know that… Read More »

30 Sep 2016

Friday, Flip Yeah. The weeks have been drifting past quicker than a fart in the Wellington gales, and here we are at the mid-point of the financial year –… Read More »

31 Aug 2016

Spring has sprung. Not that seasons seem to matter too much anymore, I for one think I got a bit of colour out running on Sunday, which my pasty-white’s… Read More »

31 Jul 2016

Stop. Xero Time. As the subject suggests, it’s currently fair teeming down, so what better thing to do than quickly tick some boxes in Xero? You know the drill,… Read More »

30 Jun 2016

Meet Ruby As Tom would say, “the most beautiful dog in the world”. Although questionable considering some of the nose ticklers she’s produced, she has certainly added a bit… Read More »