30 Jul 2017

July Already?!

Recon Mission

Not quite as exciting as the title first alludes, this isn’t the reconnaissance mission you’ve finally had the call up for. Rather, in this case we’re talking reconciliation, the Xero kind.

Could you please snuggle up to your Xero and have it all reconciled by Thursday the third of August? We’ve not just chosen this date because it sounds good, but it simply means stuff gets done. If you’re really struggling, hit the “reconcile for me” button above.

Xero Tip #352281

The world swimming champs are on at the moment and, coming from a swimming background, it provides a great analogy for a key concept in business, and life.

Off every wall in the pool, you’re guaranteed every swimmer is pushing as hard and as fast as they can. Imagine that every swimmer can generate the same power by putting in the same effort. Amongst other things, those who accelerate out to the 15m rope are those who have maximised their streamline. In essence, they’re getting more for the same input by ‘streamlining’ the process of getting there. Obviously there’s other factors, but no swimmer would argue the importance of a streamline.

Exactly the same applies to business – streamline it and get more for the same, or the same for less. In this case, the input is time – something we all want more of. Bringing Xero to the fore, they’ve streamlined your client communication and your invoicing so you can see both in one place. A relatively simple combo, but could save you a world of time. To hook up your Gmail or Office 365 email account to Xero, check out the video here https://vimeo.com/147771124


“Growth” is a buzz word in business, and always will be. We see a lot of businesses striving for growth and not really knowing what it means. Boil it all down and growth, in whatever aspect or direction, should, in one way or another, add value.

In our experience, three factors underpin adding value to your business, and as an owner, they are driven largely by you:

1. Strategy
2. Capability
3. Commitment

Talk to us about our Higher, Faster, Stronger approach to good growth. Plenty of ‘growing’ businesses go out of business – don’t be one of them.

Catch up soon,
Your Outside team, and Ruby