29 May 2017

How are ya?

May-be time to reconcile

There’s a good reason we’re accountants, not comedians, as highlighted by the ‘punny’ heading above.
That said, as the title eludes, it is indeed time to take care of a bit more compliance now that May is almost behind us.

So, time to reconcile your Xero and get everything tickety-boo for us to punch through your GST. Can you please pencil this into your diary to get done before we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday? That’s Monday the 5th of June – thanks in advance.

Xero Tip #135351

Bad debts – being on the receiving end of these is the pits. Xero has come up with its own way of attempting to front foot the minimisation of the bad payers before you’ve even sent the invoice. They’ve teamed up with Equifax to provide live snapshots of how quickly, (or slowly), the recipient of your next invoice is at paying their bills. If they’re a crap payer, perhaps you request a deposit. Or, maybe you could give great payers a discount for prompt payment.

Either way, you’re now able to get a quick peek up their business skirt so you can act accordingly. If you’re worried, you can even request a full credit check direct from Xero.

Check out a bit more about it here https://www.xero.com/nz/partnerships/equifax/

Annual Questionnaires

Most of you would have received an email with a link to a query portal by now. It would be fantastic if you could jump in there and whip through the financial quiz so we can get stuck into your annual accounts sooner rather than later. If technology isn’t your thing, don’t worry – give us a call and we’ll sort you out.

Talk soon,
Your Outside team, and Ruby